Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cinquainicity: The Adelaide Crapsey Project

The chapbook Cinquainicity: The Adelaide Crapsey Project is on display all this month at Poets House in NYC. This chapbook, published by Palettes & Quills, features five series of linked cinquains as the form was defined by Adelaide Crapsey. M.J. Iuppa created and organized the project which includes 28 poets.

The form is syllabically driven: first line -2 syllables, second line -4 syllables, third line -6 syllables, fourth line -8 syllables, last line -2 syllables. Each poet began a cinquain with the last line of the cinquain written by the preceding poet.

I had the privilege of being the captain of the chain with poets Nici Knebel, Francis Bragan Richman, Jan Wenk Cedras, Cynthia Iannaconne, and John Roche.

For information on purchasing this chapbook visit www.palettesnquills.com.

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